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Wed 3 Oct 07

I so want to begin writing reviews on what I saw at the Fest. I have a small moleskin journal and a half filled with notes I took during each screening; I've really gotten better and better at this jotting in the dark! And of course 14 films in just over 3 days gave me even more practice.

It's a trick to do this and not take myself out of the moment. Some observers say that's not possible, maybe they're right. But this is something I've tried to learn in all aspects of my life over the years, from that first time in college when I became excruciatingly self-conscious as I watched my reactions not matching my feelings. To live in the moment and yet maintain a witnessing consciousness... is that not the role of the artist? I guess you could run around and live for awhile, then go back into retreat and try to get down something about it. I'm preferring finding ways to be two ways at the same time.

Speaking of retreat...

Il faut que j'aille trouver quelqu'endroit pour retraiter! J'ai besoin de peu de temps par l'océan, ou peut-être des bains minéraux? "Allez à l'ouest!" dit mon coeur. "Allez-là et marcher, pour penser, écrire, dormir... pour être!"

Mais les cabins de La Push ne sont pas available. Merde! Mais je sais que je trouverai quelque place.

Did I really see that many films in French this weekend? I dunno, but I woke thinking in French phrases Tuesday actually, then saw LADY CHATTERLEY at the Rose – really would like to see THE REAL DIRT ON FARMER JOHN again if I can muster that before it leaves Thursday – and though hearing Lawrence, and especially his character of the gamekeeper Parkin, in French was odd at first (the only nod to the vernacular so present in the text was that Constance and Clifford "vuvoyer" each other, whereas Connie and Oliver "tutoyer" though maybe there was a subtlety I wouldn't recognized to the French) I got used to it.

And now I can't stop getting French phrases in my head. So now a few of them are out. Will Spanish come back, or do I have to go to Mexico for that?

This may be the last of this little blog, my first attempt. I did it for my friends Sherry and Ellen who couldn't be at the Fest but love it; don't know if they could even find it! But maybe someone else will enjoy this account of one "film lover's block party" of September 2007, when the Port Townsend Film Festival turned eight.

I may in fact get back on here with some notes of Q&A sessions, conversations, observations. Certainly I'll put up links to my reviews! And here's an interesting question I don't know the answer to, yet, from the Rose's weekly contest: "Of all the movies shown at this past weekend's Port Townsend Film Festival, how many would you guess were presented in 35mm film?" This is actually something I wish were included in the program notes, as I so prefer film to digital or tape, and those days that I can see this are numbered I know. I do recall seeing the reel changeovers and edits in a few, hmmmm. I'll let you all know when I find out, and which ones they were!

So thank you Peter and Nancy and Rocky and everyone who founded the Fest and worked the Fest this year and in the past; and to all the filmmakers whether I saw or liked your films or not for bringing us the gift of your observation, your vision, your art; and to all those filmlovers-and-goers who keep this art alive!

"We all live in a yellow love-of-kino...!" Pourquoi pas?

Yours in the love of kino,


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