Thursday, September 25, 2008


I just got word that TRUST ISSUES, my short made 2 weeks ago for the Film 2880 – the local annual 48 hour film contest – will be shown Saturday night at the historic Rose Theatre during the PTFF!

Usually one has to make the judges' cut to advance to the top 10 shorts, but this year though more filmmakers and filmmaking teams signed up, only 6 finished and submitted. So I'm a finalist by default – and I'm 4 slots closer to winning the prize of Final Cut Studio 2!

Even if I don't win that, or win the Audience Choice vote, and even if my film is the first shown (meaning it came in last place) I am thrilled for 2 reasons: 1) I finished a little movie (and in 48 hours) and 2) I get to see it on the big screen at my favorite movie theatre with people I know and love in the house. Yes!

Otherwise, gearing up. Got my blue pass 'round my neck, getting my EKPHRASTIKINO/POEMS INSPIRED BY FILMS chapbooks ready for display and sale at the merch table ("ten dollars – or fifteen and I'll give five to the PTFF!") and doing some last minute "training" by doing a double feature of the films leaving the Rose today, THE LAST MISTRESS and TRAITOR.

Well, it's cool and cloudy and windy today and yesterday too. Does this mean another year of wild northwestern weather for the weekend? Last year was the first ever PTFF with "bad" weather, but the shows all went on – except for the outdoor free movies. Folks would no doubt sit in at least a mild rain, but wind gusts and giant inflatable screens just will not mix.

Soon the volunteers will be filling up the Uptown Theatre tonight for a just reward – a screening of one of the big festival films, just for them. I didn't volunteer this year as I did last – I was window-dresser (for the Oscar Night Gala) and sundry proofreader/writer then, and my work in live theater (playwrighting festival winner! lead actor!) kept me busy this year – so I'm not crashing that, much as I might like to!

So everybody better get some sleep tonight; for the hardcore it's a last chance for a little while! Sweet kino dreams.....

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Wow! I'm checking e'mail while chatting up (former PTFF general manager) SHERRY GROVER at the MAX GROVER GALLERY this fine Port Townsend late summer evening – amidst Gallery Walk and the biggest festival of the year, Wooden Boat – and decided to see if there was anything up on the 'site yet about the films and schedule...


My only regret this very moment is that I'm actually one hour past the midpoint of FILM 2880 – a 48 Hour Filmmaking Contest. I got the criteria by e'mail last night (Friday) at 7 pm, and must turn in my finished short film by tomorrow (Sunday) at 7 pm! This year we all got: theme – trust, prop – live animal, line of dialoq – "It's not over till the fat lady sings."

So instead of following my strong desire to start checking out the films, I must away till tomorrow latenight. In the meantime, I went ahead and added a few screenings to my list.


(And if I'm very very lucky, my "sacrifice" tonight will lead to my 2880 short making the top ten, meaning I will see my work on the big screen at the ROSE THEATRE Saturday night of the Fest!)