Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Tues 2 Oct 07

Another sleep-in day, yes! Rain outside my window.

Sitting on the porch swing, ideas for my own work come rushing, creativity running a bit rampant inside. I want to finish my chapbook, and send copies to the filmmakers that so moved me, a gift back that may have meaning for them.

I can't stop seeing some of the films in my head. THE HORSE in particular, what a perfect and exquisite short film. ORPHAN; MANHATTAN, KANSAS; JELLYFISH; CAGES; FOREVER... these are the strongest right now. I'm sorry I haven't gone to the shorts programs these past 2 or 3 years, as that is where my own interests are for my own filmmaking. Little stories that strike hard and deep and fast.

I want to write these folks and thank them!

Called Michael Knowles's publicist to ask about his lecture in Port Angeles and ask if she's gotten copies of the interview I did with Michael. Will send to her pronto. Told her a bit about his screening, and meeting Melissa, and cigars in the wine & beer garden tent. ("I bet there was an entourage," she said, and there kinda was.)

Maybe I'll go see Knowles in Port Angeles and go on out to La Push, or at least Sol Duc. I must ground while I fly, and hot springs and ocean sound just right for this. Lose some of the external stimulus, I've got plenty inside for now.

I thought this would be my time, finally, after being on the run since February, to relax and retreat, and catch up on some necessary work. Well, it will because I won't have as many events and deadlines. But I want to rebuild my own film FORSAKEN OR ONLY ALONE in Final Cut Express (maxed out iMovie!) and on to other waiting projects EL POSTRE SAGRADO; APPLE, BALL... DOG.

We'll see what possibilities the morrow brings.

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